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How does it work?

Your employee

Your staff receive a deluxe brochure brimming with festive gifts, events and vouchers and a cover letter on your stationery. We can provide a draft text. The number of gift pages of the gift brochure corresponds to the number of employee credits.

Browse and pick

At their leisure your staff browse through the brochure picking gifts of his or her choice. Via a personal login code he/she can choose from over 285 gifts or events. Or if they do not want to order online they can use the order card. We send you the gifts in festive wrapping addressed to the recipient, company and/or branch office. Alternatively we can send the parcels, at a mark-up, to staff home addresses. We take care of every detail.


Call us via telephone number  +31 (0)345 - 514848
Or email us via service@iedereenblij.nl
The credits based Personal Choice Christmas Gift!