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KC Unique BV

Who are we?

KC Unique is a gift items wholesaler and importer in the broadest sense of the word.

The company was established in 1979 by owner CEO Leo van den Bogaard.

It has 15 highly motivated permanent staff plus 100 part-timers on call.

KC Unique BV was one of the first in the Netherlands to apply the ‘Personal Choice’ concept and a trendsetter. This gives us over 22 years of experience in providing Personal Choice Christmas Gifts.

Growing interest and order volume are proof of the success of this concept.

The tailor-made Christmas gift

This year iedereenblij.nl  tops one million Personal Choice Christmas Gifts!!!

The tailor-made Christmas gift. That is what employees look for these days. Make your own selection. A Christmas gift that pleases everyone. An exciting event, a nice scent, a DVD, a book or the traditional food parcel. Place your order via iedereenblij.nl.

Or email us via service@iedereenblij.nl

The credits based Personal Choice Christmas Gift!